i see you 13-02-2013: [ keep the noise down. ]
Holy crap, this is still here? Man, how long has it been... wow.
Well then. Maybe I'll have to do something with all this once again.

24-10-2011: [ tear down the wall! ]
Well, the Kitchen Renovation is now underway. It has only been about 14+ years in the making. A few modifications had taken place during that time. Now it's time for the 'Big Change', with walls comming down, sinks being relocated, gas lines installed and a breakfast-nook/giant counter.
I'm certainly looking forward to the completion. It's going to be a much nicer living space.
Here are some pics from the work that was done today. Sorry, I don't currently have 'Before' shots. they're trapped on film though. So i'll scan them in when available. Please pardon the quality of the pictures.

View from garage entrance

Looking North at what was the dining area

Facing back towards the garage door. There used to be the fridge near the stairs, cupboards, counter and pantry. The living room can be seen through the plastic, along with a cat tail :^)

This used to be a wall. Now you can see straight through to were the stove and sink used to reside.

I swear there was a wall here. Sorry, I'm still in shock at actually seeing this.

14-06-2011: [ it's like forgetting things all over again ]
Gonna look into WordPress for site updates. My how the internet has changed. Here I am, still using a line-editor like a sucker. So, we'll see how that goes. It kinda depends if I can withstand the way it want's me to do things. I'm pretty stubbern when it comes to change ;^)
Getting photo's and project updates on here would be nice though, in a straight-forward manner.

28-02-2011: [ for the good times and fine wines ]
It's the last day of February and here I sit with no wine to help celebrate. boo to that.
Either way, here's to another month!

24-01-2011: [ laziness persists ]
I remeber how to type, it just doesn't happen all that often anymore.
Maybe it's time to start. This computer thing has been aggravating me lately... for the past few years apparently. I'm not even entirely sure as to why. Either way, that will change. I enjoy technology too much, not so much the industry and its ways, but, the fun of experimenting and finding new ways to accomplish old tasks.
So, with that. I plan on bringing in a new site, mostly for myself. To hammer out thoughts on the keys. I won't make any promises as to when that will come about. Just that there will be more then one update this year.

05-07-2007: [ once in when i feel like it ]
Epibeta mentioned that i should update my site. i'm trying to build up the ambition to do so.
the screaming is getting louder

01-09-2006: [ close your mind and scream ]
Screen-Shot! 29-08-2006 - So Loaded
I require liquid refreshment, brb. there. coffee is a'brewin'.
y'know, I watched this film with hurt not long ago. Titled Pirates of Silicone Valley, it depicts the making of the two companies, Apple and Microsoft. gah, doesnt even feel right to have the reference on the site.
i have to... go, now. must wash, everything.

19-08-2006: [ word up y'all ]
check it! old-world has come back 'round again. I've _finally_ updated my system to the point of having the ability to rebuild a web-site. coolshit!
naturally i took screenshots along the way. then lost them when i accedently wiped out 40% of my stored data. Microsoft's fdisk program is allways a joy to play with. you know, if you've got nothing better to do and you're on you're friends computer.
so anyway, i've taken some screenshots since then. here's a list of 'em :^)


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